Getting started on Virtual Loup-de-Mer

Create an account
Point your browser towards to open the Vlm home page. Click on the “…create one” link underneath the Log in section in the left-hand frame. You’ll be shown the following screen.
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How did I ever manage to overlook Virtual Loup-de-Mer?

Well, I didn’t overlook it, really. Much worse, I dismissed it. I tried Vlm once, must have been back in ’09 or even earlier. It was mostly in French and didn’t agree with me. I never bothered with it again. Until recently, that is.

Turns out I missed out. Because Vlm is friggin’ awesome!

Seriously. It is.

Vlm is unlike any other online sailing slash navigation simulator I’ve ever used. For starters, it doesn’t have a Flash client interface. Yeah, that’s right: you don’t even need to have installed that resource hogging, crash-prone security risk, which even its own creators advice against using, anymore. Also, Vlm is completely free and open source with its code base available on GitHub. What’s more, as we’ll see in a future post, Vlm is also the place where weather router QtVlm really comes to shine.

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