In memoriam: Aaron James Gage 1971 – 2012

I am deeply saddened to learn fellow sailor and frequent commenter on this blog Aaron Gage passed away on June 29. Aaron was only 40 years old.

After Aaron found this blog and started commenting on some of my posts, we exchanged emails for about a year. From his emails, he struck me as being a very personable, bright, generous, and humorous man, energetic and full of ideas. He once wrote my tools inspired him to write his, but I suspect he was just being kind; he had plenty inspiration all of his own. In the last year of his life, he was a driving force behind Sailonline, not only in reshaping the client interface and adding functionality, but also in generously sharing his knowledge and injecting the SOL community with fresh energy.

While I feel I have lost a friend, my thoughts go out to his family, who lost a father, a son, and a brother. They have my deepest sympathy.

Though his legacy will live on in the Sailonline client, Aaron will be sorely missed.


One of Aaron’s goals was to create an exhaustive toolkit to increase the level of control on SOL and he wrote a framework for accessing the SOL server, hoping eventually others would extend it. He mailed it to me, encouraging me to learn C# to replace the Borland Delphi I had been using. In the spirit of Aaron Gage, it seems fitting I make this SOL Core available now. If you do intend to use and share it, please do so for free and acknowledge his work with the text “SOL Core by Aaron J. Gage”.

Download the SOL Core from here.