How to run brainaid’s NMEA proxy from the Sailonline client

Brainaid’s NMEA proxy java applet is a thing of beauty, it truly is. But getting it to run is a bit of a hassle. First you have go to his site, you have to enter your credentials and select a race to be able to log in before you’re finally able to get on to the navigation page where it sits waiting for you to run it. Is there no way to make this any easier?

I’m glad you asked. Sure there is. Short version: you install a browser extension that executes a script while loading the Sailonline client, adding at the page bottom a button that will get the NMEA applet for you. Easy, huh?

Well, let’s get to the nitty gritty:
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How to synchronize the pc clock more frequently

Windows' Task SchedulerWindows machines can be set to synchronize their pc clocks with NTP (Network Time Protocol) servers once a week. If your pc is anything like mine, once a week isn’t nearly often enough and it’s easy to forget to do it manually, even though it is both useful and important to have the clock running accurately. Getting Windows to synchronize the pc clock more frequently is surprisingly tricky. So here’s a how-to for Windows 7 and Vista.

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How to use Bluewater Racing’s Tcl console

With the release earlier today of Bluewater Racing 1.60, LiveSkipper’s grib files can be used in slightly different but better way. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, The low-down on the weather grid – LiveSkipper edition Bluewater Racing will balk when trying to optimize LiveSkipper gribs with the grid size set to small values, such as 2.0. With the new version 1.60 that’s no different, but Bluewater Racings Tcl console window can now be used to create smaller gribs with which small grid sizes can be used. And speed up the optimization process a little bit to boot! Here’s how:

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