Schakel’s Unofficial Fleet Rankings

To add to Sailonline’s own already extensive and somewhat confusing collection of rankings, let me introduce a radically new perspective on sailing performance on SOL: Schakel’s Unofficial Fleet Rankings (SUFR).

Contrary to Sailonline’s low point-based SYC member rankings and all of its series rankings, SUFR is a high point scoring system that is based on 10 of the most recent races*. As such, it accurately identifies sailors that have been performing consistently well over recent months. And because both SYC members and non-SYC members are included, you’ll find you will be competing for your rank against a larger number of boats.

Your score for each race is the total number of entries in the race plus 1 minus your final race rankings, provided you finish. If you are registered in a race but do not finish, you are awarded 1 point. If you are not registered, you receive no points.

This effectively ‘weighs’ each race as more entries result in a more points being awarded, which is fitting since the longer ocean races generally attract more people anyway. Also, it may very well fuel the motivation to finish.

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Useless information department

For a project I needed to refresh my (limited) knowledge of SQL and so I decided to take a look at the races I ran on Sailonline. So without further ado, here’s a little trivia.

My first ever race on Sailonline was leg 3, Cochin to Singapore, of the Sailonline Ocean Race 2008/2009 that started on December 13, 2008. (Coincidentally, on December 13, 2010, two years later to the exact day, I called it a race.) Other boats starting Sailonline in that particular race include ernissss, Zembu, Buggerthat, xrupert, Exmeromotu, PuddleJumper_2, Surfsmith, HB7.

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