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  1. Schakel…. These are TERRIFIC tools, instructions and observations. What a great compendium for SOLers-in-Training!! So here is one I’m almost embarrassed to ask. Can you create a small “calculator” that will fill in the missing piece of the TWA/TWD/CC combination? This would be so that no matter which two values are entered, the third is automatically is calculated and displayed. I thought this would be easy to create but I can’t seem to get my head around a “formula”. It would help me as a solo, non-router to figure future DCs…. at least I THINK it will. I can usually get it figured out with the calculator but I do make a lot of mistakes.
    Any thoughts?

  2. recently LiveSkipper made a Windsurfing Race over the Atlantic. The windsurfer has quiet different Polars from a sailing boat.
    Where it surfs nicely in beam, with tail winds it is not too bad, but sailing into the wind was terrible, not that I remember those bad upwind speeds in my windsurfing days.

  3. That particular race didn’t appeal to me at all and as I was rather busy I skipped it. The Naish surfboard polar originally had a single Auto sail, but that was changed some time later. When I have time, I’ll update/re-do the LiveSkipper Fleet section to include the polars that were added.

  4. Hi Philip
    it’s quiet a long time , that I visited You WP site, but also mine !

    do not know whether lately you have been sailing at Liveskipper, but the sad story is that LiveSkipper has announced (now on their homepage) that by yearend they are pulling the plug. Just stop the marvelous virtual Sailing site LiveSkipper all together.
    That is why I am now searching for an alternative.

    Just sailing now the Valetta race in SOL. That could be a nice successor for my virtual sailing addiction. :)

    • Hi Ard,

      That is sad news. I hope all in the EF will find a good replacement soon. Sailonline is great, but wouldn’t be my first choice right now. I noticed GolfAquillons has been active on Virtual Loup de Mer, perhaps you’d like to check it out as well. It just takes a little getting used to, but possibilities abound:
      You could create your own chat room; put the band back together and race like we used to in Record races that are open pretty much indefinitely.

      Just putting it out there.

  5. Hi Philip
    In LS there is an action started to see whether we can salvage the existence of LS; it will come to paying a subcription fee as it seems money is the issue for the continuation.

    Trying now Virtual Loup de Mer, but that is a very user unfriendly player, very inefficient. Each time have to swop between the main boat setting and the map, the map does not zoom, nor scroll. so each new look forces you back to the boat , resetting and lookiong for the results, not good , again and agian.

    The is also very limited information on hte map, no coordinates of islands, cliffs, not indication of time to sail to a cliff to round, In short very labour intensive and impossible to set accurate WP for the night scheduler.

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