Barcelona World Race game

With the start of the Barcelona World Race just 100 days away, the race organizers have opened their virtual race game for a test regatta starting on September 25th. You can enter the race at the Barcelona World Race Game website, which is almost entirely in Spanish. However, an English language version of the game client is available, as well as apps for Android (image below) and Apple mobile devices.

Android interface BWR game

The Android client has all of the features of the full browser interface, including wind data at the indicated (by touch) position, setting of waypoints, distance measurement, etc. Unfortunately, on my phone’s 4.8″ screen not all controls are visible and so I have no access to the autopilot and twa settings. But for a quick boat check without access to a pc, it’ll do. Also, apparently some settings requiring the client to be restarted affect the configuration file and result in an error on relaunch. Clearing the cache and/or app settings resolves the problem.

The Barcelona World Race starts on December 31st, 2014.